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Modaco CamerAware


£ 19.99 incl. Vat

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Modaco CamerAware Speed Camera Alerts Pocket PC Smartphones

CamerAware is a Safety (Speed) Camera Alerting application for Windows Mobile Pocket PCs & Smartphones.


Simply install and run CamerAware on your device (that needs to be equipped with either an internal or a Bluetooth GPS) and as you drive around you’ll be told if you are approaching a Safety Camera.

CamerAware checks your position every second against a database of over 10,000 fixed cameras worldwide (and a large number of mobile sites) to determine if you are approaching a camera. If you are, an audio and visual alert is triggered (check out the ‘Videos’ section to see it in action) and where possible tells you the speed limit at your location. The majority of cameras in the CamerAware database are ‘direction aware’, meaning you are not alerted to cameras set up for traffic travelling in the opposite direction.

Of course, an application like CamerAware is only as good as the quality of it’s database! We licence one of the world’s leading camera databases and update the version several times per month. Updates can be downloaded either directly to your device over-the-air, or by tethering your device to a PC. CamerAware can even check for updates each time you run the application, so you can be confident you always have the latest database.

CamerAware is as simple or as powerful as you want it to be.

If you are a non technical user, a beginner in the world of Pocket PCs and Smartphones or you simply want to launch the application and go, then CamerAware is set up for you. If however you are more technically inclined and you like to tweak your applications to your hearts content, then CamerAware caters for you too, with an ‘Expert Mode’, more details of which can be found in the CamerAware manual.

And there’s more!

As well as a great system for Safety Camera alerting, CamerAware has other cool functionality built in, including...

* SOS position lookup - if you’ve broken down or have an emergency situation, CamerAware can tell you your latitude / longitude, enabling you to give recovery / emergency services your exact location.

* Tracking - if you have a data enabled device with a flat rate data plan, you can choose to have your position uploaded to our servers every minute. This allows you to give people of your choice your personal tracker login (and password) to see where you are. You can also use this function to look back over your historical journeys.

* Navizon integration - if you are a member of the Navizon website, you can configure CamerAware to log Cell Tower / Access Point locations to accumulate towards your points total. Earn money as you use CamerAware!

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