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Apple iPhone Holder For Cable Attachment for Mobile Phone

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£ 38.01 inc. Vat
Apple MountBrodit Apple Holder

These are detailed fitting Instructions for the Brodit Mount for your Apple iPhone Mobile Phone. This is how you fit your Holder For Cable Attachment mount onto your proclip. Full Instructions also come with your mount.

Please read all instructions and look at the pictures before attaching the holder.

1. Installation of cable: Remove the back piece from the holder.

2. Place the holder with the backside upwards. Press on both sides of the connector, so the notches go into the connector. Place the connector into the lower part of the holder. The marks pointing downwards, so you can not see them when placing the connector into the holder. Place the back piece over the connector and screw it into place. The cable is in place.

3. Installation of holder: Loosen the screw in the center of the holder so you can remove the attaching part on the back. Place the attaching part on desired position. Screw the attaching part into place with the enclosed screws. Place the holder over the attaching part. Screw the holder onto the attaching part.

4. The holder is in place.

Apple iPhone



Holder For Cable Attachment 915219



Once you have chosen your holder, you can then choose the vehicle specific Brodit Proclip to mount your device on your dashboard

What's in the Package?

Holder For Cable Attachment
4 x Screws (to mount onto the proclip or other mounting platform)
Fitting Instructions
For charging Cable and Neo Prolink v3 style cable. Padded.

This Holder For Cable Attachment (915219 ) fits :

Apple iPhone for All Countries

Apple iPhone 2G for All Countries

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