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Brodit Mobile Phone  Charging Cable for BlackBerry  KEYone

Stock : Stock on Order - delivery approx. 7-10 days

Item No. : 944020

£ 15.95

inc. Vat

Charging cable with cig-plug. With USB Type-C connector, 2A charging. With USB A outlet in the cig-plug, 1A charging. 12/24V.

Charging cable with cig-plug. With USB Type-C connector, 2A charging. You can charge a second device via the USB A outlet in the cig-plug, 1A charging. Can be used with Brodit passive holders. 12/24V. Length (+cig-plug 77 mm): 46 cm, stretched: 130 cm (or a bit more if necessary).

Charging specifications:
Input voltage: DC/10-30V
Charging voltage: DC/4.75-5.25V
Output current(Typ): 2.0A
LED charging indicator: Power on.
Operating temperature: 0C ~ +40C
Storage temperature: -20C ~ +60C
Approvals: E, CE, FCC, ROHS

This charging cable is adaptable to over twenty five (25) different devices (HTC, O2 XDA, Qtek, Siemens, T-Mobile and i-mate) and conveniently fits onto your ProClip Mounting Platform. When connecting your PDA or other device to the cradle, this cable will sit firm and snug allowing proper charging and then accessibility of easy removal when you are on the go. When coupled with a great car kit, mounting this charging cable will give you years of use and peace of mind. Molded in hardened plastic with a cord that is hard to tangle, this charging cable is unlike those flimsier units that last for only a few charges. We thought of your safety when we designed the charging cable. You'll notice that when plugging the cable into the cigarette lighter socket the device instantly powers up and is always protected by an inline fusible link. So when placing your device into the car kits cradle - rest assure you are protected by simple power surges sometimes associated with faulty alternators.

Item No :944020

Attach the Brodit Mobile Phone Holder for BlackBerry  KEYone onto your chosen Brodit Proclip for a true dashboard mounting solution

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Citroen C3 Picasso ProClip Right mount

Stock : Stock on Order - delivery approx. 7-10 days

Item No. : 604295

£ 15.2 incl. Vat
Brodit Citroen C3 Picasso ProClip 09-16 All Countries Right mount

Click Image to enlarge

The ProClip is a mounting bracket for the Citroen C3 Picasso's dashboard. Onto the ProClip you can install e.g. a holder for your mobile phone or PDA or a handsfree set etc. Safe and convenient -always within easy reach. The ProClip is car specific and easy to install. The installation is quick, no special tools or dismantle of the dashboard is required and it will not damage the interior of the Citroen C3 Picasso. Made in black ABS plastic. Comes with detailed instructions.

OnePlus 5 Passive holder with tilt swivel 

Stock : 3

Item No. : 511978

£ 24.71 incl. Vat
Brodit OnePlus 5 Passive holder with tilt swivel -1 All Countries

Click Image to enlarge

Keep your phone in a passive holder and you will always have it within easy sight and reach! Neat, discreet and convenient. Custom made with a perfect, firm fit. You have full access to the camera and all buttons and outlets when the device is in the holder. You can connect a charging cable or portable handsfree to the device when it is in the holder.

The holder is equipped with a tilt swivel so you can easily adjust the angle for better viewing, or switch between portrait and landscape mode. Tilts 20 and swivels 360. Mounting plate 42x50 mm with predrilled AMPS-holes +2x3,5 mm centered holes. Made of high grade black ABS/Acetal plastic. Made in Sweden. Attach onto ProClip Mounting Platform.

Dimensions: 79 x 80 x 50 mm (W x H x D mm)
Weight: 68 g

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